A few images and designes I've done

Check my previous designs in this portfolio.


Photography on site, for events, or in my studio. Product photography, portrait, stock photography and so on.

Web design

Create websites using Joomla or Wordpress, update existing websites

Branding and print design

Logo design, Branding, Business cards design, flyers, restaurant menus, and anything else that can be printed.


Freelance photographer, mobile, web & print designer


My parents were expecting a girl but they got me.
I was born in the land of vampires and blood drinkers but I am vegetarian.
I love Romania but I live in Berlin.
In kindergarten I was dreaming to become a carpenter. In school I wanted to be a journalist. Now I am a photographers and designer.
Nothing seems to be as planned or expected but I could't enjoy life more than I do now.

Personal Info

  •   +49-15783107409
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